A Good Night's Sleep: A 5 Step Sequence to get your mind and body relaxed and ready for sleep. This video combines sleep science with ergonomic strategies developed by Judith Aston, and relaxation techniques developed by Ann Todhunter Brode. 

Wake Up / Loosen Up
A two minute routine to tune in and get moving when you wake up each morning.

Body Breath: Three Guided Meditations


This CD offers an effective and accessible technique for both beginning and advanced meditators.  Following the simple anatomy of breathing, Brode guides the listener to a deep sense of calm and spiritual connection. Once you find this place, you have the key to true rest, healing and peace of mind whenever you need it.

The musical accompaniment by world-renown Nepali musician Manose Singh on bansuri flute and Emmy-winning composer Christopher James Thomas on keyboard was specifically designed to enhance and extend the experience. 

"Follow the magic in the CD by opening to the words and music and see where it takes you."

Massage & Body Magazine Feb/Mar 2005

“This extraordinary CD contains guided imagery to soothe the soul.”

Herb Gravitz, PhD psychotherapist

Body Breath has become my nightly companion-a superb sleep aid!”

Gail Kearns, editor, To Press & Beyond

“This CD will help anyone seeking to begin or deepen a mindfulness practice.”

Spencer Sherman PhD, meditation teacher, author

“Truly, truly beautiful…the music lovely, the voice gorgeous.”

Laurie Counihan-Childs L.Ac.


“This CD moves my clients easily into relaxation response,”

Tina Lerner MA, Biofeedback Institute of Santa Barbara


"A Remarkable Collection"

Turbo Music, Denmark