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Somatic Psychotherapy Today

A Body-Centered Pregnancy: How to Stay Grounded When All Else is Changing

We perceive, interpret, and trust information from our five basic senses without thinking much about it. But, we’re less familiar with our sixth sense, the kinesthetic sense. This is the sense that tells you all you need to know about space: the space inside your body, the space around you and spatial relationships.

It’s key to a body-oriented intelligence and, aptly, considered by many synonymous with extra sensory perception and intuition. Introducing a pregnant woman to feeling space, body breathing, and positive messaging is an effective way to wake up and empower her kinesthetic sense. And, trusting this inner-outer sense of space is essential for the pre and perinatal journey...

photo by Isabel Herrera on Unsplash

photo by Isabel Herrera on Unsplash

Thrive Global

Forgiveness: Freeing up the flow.

Anyone who has experienced the cathartic and liberating effect of forgiveness knows it’s good for your mind and good for your body. Because disappointment, anger or resentment have a hold on the emotional body, addressing the physical component is an effective way to clear it up and move on.


Llewelyn Journal

Sensible Intuition:
How to Develop Good Body Sense and Use It Every Day

Being both sensible and being intuitive may seem like an oxymoron, since those two adjectives fall on seemingly opposite ends of a spectrum. But, from the body's point of view, they're really one and the same. While being sensible implies being practical, grounded, and level-headed, it's really about living in accord with your inner knowing or intuition. Curiously, being sensible depends more on information from your aware body than your rational mind.