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November 2018


Blog Talk Radio with host Karen Hager

Do you understand your body? Do you feel comfortable in it? Ann Todhunter Brode believes our body holds innate wisdom. When we discover that wisdom, she says we can engage it to enhance our experience of living.

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August 2018


Kindness and Body Wisdom

Hosted by The Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Teen Team

Host Katie Choo introduces our newest host, Siri Phaneendra who begins the show by talking about how kindness knows no boundaries. She gives examples how teens can offer acts of kindness in small ways to express gratitude and caring. The organization she began to help terminally ill children is called You and I Give. Guest author, Ann Todhunter Brode explains how to discover how to listen to, understand, respect, and work with our body’s innate wisdom in everyday living with A Guide to Body Wisdom. Learn how to deepen your intuition and spirituality, enhance your creativity and personal power, become more emotionally savvy, and heal old wounds.

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October 2017


Guy Macpherson PhD of the Trauma Therapist Project interviews Ann for his podcast. October 2017

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What others are saying about this podcast: 

"Ann's Trauma Therapists Podcast interview with Guy McPherson was not only valuable for those who receive the work, but for fellow therapists as well. For potential clients, she provides good education, and for those who are actively receiving, I am certain that her discussion will be a deep prompt to glean more.

I appreciated how Ann emphasized the importance of self-care for the practitioner. This was both a helpful reminder for fellow therapists and a validation that the practitioner needs to be responsible and self-aware.

For someone like myself, your words instantly triggered an internal review and evaluation of my own work. - always a good thing."

Daniel Frank, MA, Master Certified Rolfer