Ann Todhunter Brode

Body therapist and author helping people listen to and understand the body.

Ann Brode is a longtime resident of Santa Barbara and recognized master in her field. For over 40 years she has focused on the relationship of body, mind and spirit as it shapes the physical experience.

Receiving her BA in 1968, Ann spent 7 years as a motor-perceptual therapist working with young children. In this early work, she discovered that every person learns differently and every body can change and find better balance, grace, and comfort. Seeking to help all people access their full potential for responsive awareness, Ann began extensive training with Movement Therapy and Bodywork pioneer Judith Aston. Using Aston Kinetics principles, Ann worked with individuals and groups to facilitate healing and teach viable life skills. Along the way, she developed a deep respect for the essential unity of body, mind, and soul.

As a teacher, therapist, healer, and writer, Ann is a respected leader in the bodywork community.  She was the founder and director of the Healing Center Foundation, a non-profit supporting integrative health and practitioners in Santa Barbara, and creator of the website,

For the past ten years she has written on health and body related topics for Health Source Magazine, Santa Barbara Independent, Huffington Post (2016 -2018), Thrive Global, Elephant: Now, Body Mind Network and Somatic Psychotherapy Today Journal. She has also recorded and produced an acclaimed CD entitled Body Breath: Three Guided Meditations.  

Ann is proud to announce the first in a series of self-help books that will serve as both teacher and therapist for readers looking for a more profound experience of living, healing, creating, intimacy, and the mystery of it all. This book is titled: A Guide to Body Wisdom: What Your Mind Needs to Know About Your Body and is the impetus for this website and its offerings. Future titles include:

   Wisdom and Work

   Wisdom and Pregnancy

   Wisdom and Aging

   Wisdom and Intimacy

•  Wisdom and the Healing Journey

“A smart, wise body is an extraordinary asset, with untapped abilities and amazing surprises, connecting you to your deepest self and the world around you.”