A Guide to Body Wisdom 

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Body Wisdom is the inspiring and informative result of my life’s work as a body-oriented therapist exploring how people live or, more often, forget how to live in their own bodiesI discovered that each body has a unique and powerful way it thinks, communicates, thrives, and heals. Looking at the world from the body’s perspective has introduced me to an assessable and available intelligence that is separate from the mind. But gaining access to the body’s perspective is a new way of seeing, listening and being that requires a roadmap to give readers a way in. Body Wisdom is both your guide and your mentor on this great adventure.


What readers have said about A Guide to Body Wisdom- What Your Mind Needs To Know About Your Body:

New science is telling us that our intelligence lives as much in our bodies as our minds. Feelings are as smart as thoughts. But how are we to learn to make everyday use of this revelation? In this important new book, Ann Brode shows us the way. Read it with an open mind and your intelligent body will sigh with relief."

Guy Claxton PhD, professor emeritus University of Winchester, UK, luminary in the field of cognitive sciences and learning, author of over 20 books including Building Learning Power and Intelligence in the Flesh.

“While we have learned during the past few decades the importance of emotions and beliefs in health, the body has too often been neglected, or regarded as a mechanical object that sooner or later is doomed to fail.  In Body Wisdom, Ann Brode gives the body its due by showing how it can function as a source of wisdom and strength in total harmony with the mind.  Brode’s perspective is long overdue, offering a holistic, balanced view of what it means to be human.”

Larry Dossey MD, internationally influential advocate of the roles of mind in health and spirituality in health care.  Author of 12 books, including Space, Time, and Medicine, One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters, and The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary Things.

Reviews of A Guide to Body Wisdom:

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A note from Ann:

I’ve been immersed in the field of mind-body healing since Carl Rogers coined the phrase “human potential movement” in the 1960’s. Since then I have helped thousands of people understand and respect their bodies. Over time it became clear that the body had its own separate intelligence. I’ve now written a book, A Guide to Body Wisdom- What Your Mind Needs To Know About Your Body to show others how to listen to, care for, and enjoy living in a smart, wise body.